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What do “No turnaround” signs mean, exactly

The in basket: Denis Kuwahara writes to ask the meaning of “No Turnaround” signs. “I have always

wondered what they were  trying to say beyond that the road dead-ends,” he said. “And, does it truly mean that once you go there, there is no coming back?”

I have always figured the message is that if I proceed past the sign, I’d better plan on backing out. Then I saw one on Lake Drive on the east side of Kitsap Lake and followed it to a dead end wide enough for a U-turn in my Mazda 3.

That’s in the city of Bremerton, but I asked Kitsap County officials what their standard is for posting the signs.

The out basket: Jeff Shea, Kitsap County’s traffic engineer says, “Situations like your reader describes do exist on county roads. Residents sometimes request them to try and discourage motorists from using their streets, but we do not install them unless motorists must use private property to turn around or when the geometrics or condition of the road end require motorists to use someone’s driveway to go back the other way.”