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Kitsap Lake crosswalk needs more than CPA is offering, says city

The in basket: Christopher Mutchler, a Kitsap Lake native who has established his accounting business there, says there is a serious need for a crosswalk across Kitsap Way in their business district.

“Growing up, there was a crosswalk between Bill’s Inn (the Garage) and the lake side of

Kitsap Way,” he said, “Some time later, the crosswalk was moved to between Fire One Protection and Novak Gutters.
“Now, no crosswalk.  When I researched locating here last December, I was informed by the city that nearly 10,000 cars pass this direction each day. Why no crosswalk now?

“I can purchase two solar powered, radio-controlled signs

from Tapco for $5,500.  I can raise the money myself and Tapco says they can be installed in a few hours.  Any reason why I could not create ‘Christopher’s Crosswalk?'”

He said he got the impression from the mayor in a July meeting with business owners at Kitsap Lake that it could be done, but he’s heard nothing since.

The out basket: The city very much appreciates the offer, says Street Engineer Gunnar Fridriksson, but must turn it down.

“My concern,” he said, “would be with the width of the roadway, pedestrians would get a false sense of security and some (driver) not paying attention would fail to notice the flashers on the side of the road. We really need a full system including a flasher and signage at the center of the roadway in the refuge island.”

And such a full system is on the drawing board. “This crossing is one of three projects the city council selected last year for us to concentrate on finding funding to complete,” Gunnar said. “We are looking at a system that has a flasher in the center along with a median island, and would be hardwire-connected instead of solar panels.”

As with plans to upgrade the crosswalk at First Street and Highway 304, discussed in a recent Road Warrior column, plans for the Kitsap Lake crosswalk are detailed in what’s called the Non-Motorized Plan.

It shows the crossing at the north side of the Harlow Drive intersection, and calls for pedestrian activated signage and a raised area half-way across for a pedestrian refuge. It appears to also involve sidewalks with more definitive breaks for driveways.

When, of course, depends on acquiring money to get it done.