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Horstman Road patch still rough

The in basket: “DJ” wants to know about current plans to smooth Horstman Road is South Kitsap, where trenching for utility lines had left a long rough patch. Kitsap County officials said in April that the work, being done for West Sound Utility to install sewer lines for a new plat, would get a permanent patch in June.

“Any new word on this repair?,” DJ asked on the Road Warrior blog at kitsapsun.com. “It is now the end of August and the terrible patch is still in place.”

The out basket: Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works, says “The contractor asked for, and was granted, an extension on the permit until October 3. The repair work is expected to be completed by the end of the extension.”

Another bad patch on Horstman Road

The in basket: Christina Krueger writes, “Parts of Horstman Road have been dug up because of a new development.  It is very rough to drive through.  How long will it be like this?”

The out basket: This is the second complaint of about an unmatched excavation on this South Kitsap Road, which runs from Olney Avenue to Baby Doll Road. At first I thought it was the same site, which is inside the city of Port Orchard. But that one was patched last winter.

This one is farther from Olney and more in the center of the road. And it’s in the county.

Doug Bear, spokesman for Kitsap County Public Works, says, “West Sound Utility District is installing sewer connections for the Prosperity plat off Horstman Road and operating under a current right-of-way permit.  When the project is complete the road will be restored to its original condition. Final inspection is currently scheduled for mid-June.”

Horstman Road patch has been a struggle

The in basket: Merlin Dahlke writes, “The question I have regards the lower portion of Horstman Road (in Port Orchard). About three months ago they tore it up, for reasons I don’t know.  Instead of fixing it, all they did was put up ‘Rough Road’ and ‘Motorcycles Use Caution’ signs.  Even those signs are down or gone now.  Are there any plans to fix the road?”

The out basket: It certainly is impressively rough, so much so it’s clearly a temporary condition,

Mark Dorsey, Port Orchard’s public works director, says the spot was ditched for utilities to serve the housing being built south of Horstman.

“I am told it’s being paved today,” he said Monday. “Fingers crossed. We’ve been struggling with the contractor on several fronts.”

The struggle continues, apparently. As of mid-day Tuesday, the patch was unchanged.