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Watch for highway paving here over the next month

The in basket: Orange “Road Work Ahead” and “End of Road Work”  signs have sprouted on Highway 3 between Gorst and Highway 304 at Bremerton, and from Silverdale north, and around the Tremont/Old Clifton Road interchange on Highway 16.

I asked what will be done.

The out basket: Project Engineer Mary Lou Nebergall said drivers have been encountering nighttime lane closures in those areas this week, in preparation for repaving to begin Monday.

The westbound ramps at Tremont will be repaved, and the outside lane of Highway 16 from there to Gorst also will be.

All of Gorst will be repaved, and all four lanes between Gorst and Highway 304 will get new asphalt as well.

Two years ago, the outside northbound lane of Highway 3 from 304 to almost Anderson Hill Road in Silverdale was repaved. That work will resume in the outside lane from just south of Anderson Hill Road to the recently rebuilt 3-303 interchange, then pick back up around Trigger Avenue and continue to the Highway 308 interchange.

The state is doing more paving of just the outside lanes of  multi-lane highways to make the paving dollars go farther, Mary Lou said. Those lanes take more of a beating because that’s where large trucks must drive.

All work requiring closure of a lane will occur at night Mondays through Thursdays, she said. It will take more than a month before it’s all done, as the paving crews begin at Tremont and work their way north.

Is it Highway 308 or Luoto Road, and where?

The in basket: Amy Roszak asked over a year ago the reason for the signs where Highway 308/Luoto Road meets Silverdale Way-Viking Way in North Kitsap.

“My GPS calls it Luoto Road but there’s absolutely no road sign saying that this is name of this road,” she said.

“Was it only formerly known as Luoto but isn’t now? Is Luoto Rd still used on county maps?  When people are on Highway 3 or Viking Way and looking to turn onto Luoto, shouldn’t there be signs telling them this is the road? All they currently see is ‘Rt. 308.'”

The out basket: Steve Bennett, traffic engineer for the Olympic Region of state highways, says, “Our standard is to use the State Route designation on highway signs.

“That said, when these signs are due for replacement we will try to include Luoto Road, space permitting.”

It shouldn’t be too hard. They can use Burwell Street where it meets Callow Avenue in Bremerton, or Highway 166 in Port Orchard as examples.

That Bremerton intersection uses both the highway designation (highways 304 and 310 meet there) and the street names on signs right next to one another. Whoever is in charge of street signs in Port Orchard calls Highway 166 Bay Street, Bethel Road or Mile Hill Drive, depending on which stretch is involved. Occasionally, an SR 166 logo is added to a sign with the street name on it.

As far as what part of Highway 308 is officially called Luoto Road, the county ‘s road map is all over the place, using just State Route 308 at one point, and both highway and road designations on either end of its place on the map. The county road log, as it’s called, can be viewed on line at www.kitsapgov.com/pw/roadlog.htm.

Neither is used on street signs marking the side roads, except at Viking Way and Central Valley Road, where the signs says State Route 308.