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Sedgwick work won’t add right turn lane at Jackson

The in basket: Anne Wilson says in an e-mail, “While observing construction on Sedgewick Road, we question whether there will be a right turn lane onto Jackson northbound.   

“Vehicles with trailers in the past have created a big hole there,” she said. “Now would be the time to do it, as they are spending millions, and this right turn lane is greatly needed.” 

The out basket: The shoulder in that turn seems to have gradually gotten wider over the years and the recurring pot hole from dozens of vehicles crossing the edge line onto the dirt to squeeze past cars stopped at the red light on Sedgwick has disappeared. 

The current construction work  will improve what highway builders call the radius, making the turn less sharp. But no right turn lane will be added.

Brenden Clarke, project engineer, says a right turn pocket would be considered a mobility improvement, moving more traffic. The Sedgwick job is being paid for from the state’s safety project pocket, and that won’t cover a right turn lane there.