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Motorcycle helmets inside convenience stores


The in basket: Motorcyclist Bill Hottinger of Silverdale writes, “I was recently admonished by a convenience store clerk about wearing my helmet in the store.  He stated it was illegal to wear a full face helmet into a store or bank in Washington state. I have never heard this and cannot Google up any reference to this claim.  True, or false?”

Bill added that he had the face visor of his helmet in the up position at the time.

The out basket: If there is such a law, it’s news to Bremerton police, the county sheriff’s office, the county prosecutor, Kitsap Bank vice president Tony George. Motorcycle magazine publisher Mike Dalgaard of Quick Throttle magazine thinks Oregon and/or California have such a law and said there might be such a law here, but he wasn’t sure.

Kitsap Sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Scott Wilson said he was recently in Southern California and saw the following stenciled at the entrance of a bank: “For your safety and ours, customers will remove caps and sunglasses prior to entering.” He said he didn’t  know if this is state law in California, or just a requirement of the bank.

It could be either. Tony George at Kitsap Bank said it is their policy to require the removal of stocking caps or visored helmets inside the banks. And I spotted on the glass entry to Columbia Bank at the Sedgwick Road interchange an admonition similar to the one Scott saw in Southern California. Probably all banks have the same rule, and some convenience stores also might. I wouldn’t want a customer with his or her face shrouded in my store if I were a clerk. 

But it doesn’t appear to be the law.