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Bay Shore Drive curve bad place for a crosswalk

The in basket: Gary Garbini of the Golden Tides senior residential complex on Bay Shore Drive in Silverdale raises a concern that I first heard from another resident of that facility years ago.

“We need a way to slow traffic down in front of our place,” he said. “They are all seniors here and they cross in walkers and wheelchairs. Someone is going to get killed out in front of here. It’s kind of a blind corner.”

They cross to reach a small viewpoint “and watch the seagulls and ducks,” he said. He wondered about a crosswalk or speed humps.

The out basket: County Traffic Engineer Jeff Shea says, “We met with the manager of the apartments and Lt. Gese of the sheriff’s department to discuss this issue several years ago.

“One of the challenges there is limited sight distance.  A crosswalk there would have to be placed in what amounts to a hidden curve, decreasing its effectiveness. That is never a safe proposition, regardless of traffic conditions.

“Our compromise, which I agree is a little ‘out of the box’,'” he said,  “was to construct curb ramps and install a marked crosswalk at the stop sign at Bay Street and Washington Avenue. While this may not be as convenient for the residents, it is by far a much better place to cross the road.

“We do not plan any further modification there,” he said. “The Average Daily Traffic would make this road ineligible for the speed hump program.  Our program restricts roads to less than 3,000 vehicles per day.  Shore Drive had 3,258 vehicles per day recorded in 2012.