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Unexpected red light camera flash worried driver

The in basket: Galen Danis, who I encountered during the recent Edible Gardens tour of Manette, said he was puzzled by something he saw early one morning in Bremerton.

He was turning from westbound 11th Street onto Callow Avenue about 4 a.m. when the red light camera that watches for violations on northbound Callow flashed. There was no car on Callow at the intersection to trigger the flash, he said.

He had a green light for his turn and the camera doesn’t react to cross traffic on 11th, but he sweated it for a few weeks wondering if a citation would arrive in the mail. But that never happened.

He also wonders what constitutes a full stop, required at a red light to make a right turn on red legal. If a driver stops at the stop bar, then edges forward for a better view of cross-traffic and doesn’t stop again before turning, is that a violation, he asked.

The out basket: Lt. Pete Fisher of Bremerton police said the system and its technicians run occasional checks, which will cause the strobes to flash. It’s a normal occurrence.

As to the second question,” Pete said, “stop means a complete cessation of movement.  If a car stops at the stop

bar and then creeps up to get a better view and then makes a right turn

on red, they would not be issued a citation as they originally stopped.”

If you stop behind the vehicle that is stopped at the stop bar and then

follow them through without stopping at the stop bar, that would be a