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Rain gardens on Forest Drive leave room for parking

The in basket: Sandra Caster writes, “On the corner of 31st and Forest in East Bremerton the county is making a rain garden in front of the three houses on the east side of the street.  In doing this they have eliminated the parking area of one house and are now paving the parking area with bricks in front of the other two. Can you tell us what’s actually happening?”

The out basket: Chris May, senior program manager with  county Surface and Stormwater Management, replies, “The three homes on Forest on the side with the curb-bulbs all have driveways for parking, but there will still be spaces on the permeable pavers for additional on-street parking. The opposite side of the street will also still have parking on-street as before the project .

“The road was very wide so the new project actually narrows it down to standard width for a residential street while at the same time reducing overall imperviousness. The big benefit will be the new stormwater system which should significantly reduce local flooding along 31st, which had no formal drainage system before. The entire Forest drainage basin will also now have water quality treatment treatment.

“This project,” Chris said, “is a partnership among the Kitsap County Surface and Stormwater Management (SSWM) Division, Road Division, and Kitsap Conservation District.   SSWM installed the bioretention, permeable pavers, curb and gutter, and the stormwater pipes and catch basins.  The Roads Division paved Forest Drive and 31st Street.  KCD will plant the rain gardens in the fall. ”