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The ‘how’ of stopping at a stop sign

The in basket: George Bolton says the intersection of Enchantment Lane and Dickey Road west of Silverdale is difficult because of reduced visibility for those stopped on Enchantment.

“When you pull up to the stop sign here, you can’t see up Dickey Road at Enchantment. Three years ago, someone put in a sewer or water line and added more dirt to the berm.

“Does state law require a line of sight when you’re stopped behind the stop  sign?” he asked.

The out basket: It’s not hard to see up and down Dickey from Enchantment unless you are overly worried about stopping only once, at the stop sign. There are a lot of places like it where one has to move forward past the stop sign to get a good view.

Deputy Scott Wilson of the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Department called it a common question and cited a state law.

It says that unless a police officer, firefighter or flagger directs otherwise, “every driver of a vehicle approaching a stop sign shall stop at a clearly marked stop line, but if none, before entering a marked crosswalk on the near side of the intersection or, if none, then at the point nearest the intersecting roadway where the driver has a view of approaching traffic on the intersecting roadway.” It goes on to require that entering the other street must then be done safely.

The state driver’s manual says, “Make sure you can clearly see crossing traffic before entering an intersection. If you were stopped and your view of a cross street is blocked, edge forward slowly until you can see. By moving forward slowly, crossing drivers can see the front of your vehicle before you can see them. This gives them a chance to slow down and warn you if needed.”

Finally, Scott offers some common sense advice in a Q&A format.

Q1. How far from the stop sign should I stop?

A1.  There should be a white line painted across the road. You have to come to a complete stop before you cross that line. Once you have come to a complete stop, you may inch forward a little bit in order to see whether or not it is safe for you to proceed.

Q2.  If there is a distance between stop sign and stop line, should I stop before the stop sign or the stop line?

A2.  Before the stop line. If needed, you can slowly pull up a little and then stop again when you have a good view of traffic in all directions.

Q3.  How close should you get to the stop sign before stopping completely?

A3.  If there is a crosswalk at the intersection, you should stop before crossing it. If there is no crosswalk, stop short of the intersection with enough space that other cars can safely turn in without hitting you.

Q4.  Where do you stop if the stop sign is before the white line?

A4.  Stop before the white line. You should stop within two feet of it, so the bumper does not go over the line.

Bad times ahead for Dickey/Apex Airport junction, resident says

The in basket: Barbi Chapman recently returned to the local area and makes a case for major improvements where Dickey Road in Central Kitsap makes a 90-degree turn at its intersection with Apex Airport Road and the turning traffic has the right of way.

“We bought a house in Sterling Hills (on Apex Airport Road) and I have to contend with the lack of signals and/or stop signs a dozen times a day, along with no sidewalks to walk safely,” she said.

“I’ve never seen an intersection quite like (this), with only one stop sign for the people heading out of Apex Airport Road.

“It is a bus stop for Silverdale Elementary, and the Central Kitsap middle and high schools,” she said, adding “I cannot let my kids stand there, in the dark with no sidewalks, no curbs, and no traffic signals.

She continued with a list of additional concerns.

– “Dickey Road is a long straight-away where people pick up excessive speed and then try to make the right turn onto Apex Airport, (thereby) overshooting the turn and coming into oncoming traffic to those heading on Apex Airport toward the airport or attempting the left onto Dickey.

– “Because the town dump and quarry are located on Dickey Road, the Mack trucks, dump trucks, and trucks with two cargos attempt that turn and simply are too large and have to swing into oncoming traffic to complete the turn.

– “CK school district has plans to build the new bus lot on Dickey Road. Can you imagine the traffic with the buses attempting this same intersection with no stop signs or lights?

– “A new development on the corner of Apex Airport and Dickey roads is under construction with the addition of 40 condos and all that impending traffic.

–  “Sterling Hills has plans for phase 3 development. Seventy-five houses are slated for construction within the next two years. That’s another 150 cars, at least, attempting this same intersection daily,” she concluded.

The out basket: Kitsap County Traffic Engineer Jeff Shea responded.

“The development along the southeast corner of the intersection is constructing curb, gutter and sidewalk along the frontage of that property,” he said. “The development will also be constructing additional lane width along the east and south sides of the road.  This will allow truck and bus movements that shouldn’t encroach on opposing traffic lanes.

“At the current traffic volumes, the intersection of Dickey Road and Apex Airport doesn’t warrant a traffic signal. The developments and the school improvements have triggered warrants for a signal at Anderson Hill and Apex Airport though.  That signal is in the early stages of project development.

“All reported collisions that occur on county roads are put into a state database that is accessible to the county Public Works Traffic Division. A review of all the collisions at the intersection of Apex Airport and Dickey roads for the last five years showed only two. One was a run-off-the-road and another involved a vehicle that ran the stop sign.  We will continue to monitor this and all other intersections and corridors for collision issues.

“The school district hired a consultant to look at all the traffic impacts the new bus lot would have on this and other intersections.  Anderson Hill was the only intersection that triggered improvements, and as I mentioned a signal is being proposed here.

“County Planning and Public Works looks at all new developments, and requires them to do an assessment of future traffic that their development will put on county roadways.  Historically, Apex Airport has been a very minor road and Dickey has been the local collector road. So Dickey Road has been the through road for as long as anyone can remember.  The new developments were required to look at the new traffic they would be adding to the intersection.  Their modeling of the traffic showed that the intersection would operate well above the county standard as it is currently configured.”