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Saturday striping in Poulsbo raises question

The in basket: Cathy Friesen wonders why the Kitsap County road workers were painting center lines, which “I perceive as regular maintenance,” she said, on Saturday, May 8. 

“We ran across this on the Olhava Way in Poulsbo.  Are these workers receiving double time or overtime for doing this regular maintenance work on Saturday?  These roads were totally drivable and in no way in any kind of urgent or emergency attention,” she said.

The out basket: Jeff Shea, the county’s transportation engineer has the explanation.

 “Your reader did see county crews working in Poulsbo that Saturday,” he said. “Kitsap County contracts with the City of Poulsbo for striping services. Due to the ongoing demands of our own striping program for county-maintained roads we can’t provide striping services to others during the regular workday. “When we contracted with the city,” Jeff said, ” they understood that to provide the services we would need to do the work on weekends. The City of Poulsbo pays all costs, including overtime, materials, labor and equipment for the work done for them by county traffic maintenance crews. 

 “That being said,” he went on, ” there is another reason for weekend paving. Arterial roads generally have less traffic on weekends than they do during the week. Less traffic allows the striping operation to be completed more quickly, and in some instances can offset the additional labor costs associated with overtime. 

“Lower traffic volumes also reduce the chance of motorists driving through wet paint, which can create a host of problems on its own,” Jeff said. “Some county-maintained roads are striped on weekends, mostly in Silverdale.

 “It is a balancing act between costs, efficiency, and inconvenience for motorists. We work hard each year to ensure we utilize the resources we have effectively.”