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SK’s Anderson Hill Road a rough ride


The in basket: Jessica Howell and a man who wants to go by just “Nick” want to know what to expect in the way of repairs on Anderson Hill Road in South Kitsap, on or near which they both live. 

It was torn up the past year for installation of a sewer, but the contractor pulled out his equipment before restoring the road, they said. “It has been undriveable for over a month,” Jessica said, “The only thing I have seen done is a couple of ‘rough road ahead, motorcycles use caution’ signs put up. Are they going to cover the cost of repairs when my vehicle falls apart?” 

Nick said some drivers are pulling into the oncoming lane when no cars are coming so they don’t have to use the downhill lane, where all the damage is.

The out basket: I expected dirt or gravel when I drove it after getting the complaints, but at least it’s paved, albeit very roughly.

Kitsap County is working with the developer of hundreds of homes to be served by the sewer to get the road restored to its original condition.

Jacques Dean of the county public works staff said he’s sent Bayside LLC, the developer that hired C.C. Edwards Construction to install the sewer, a letter demanding a plan for the road repair by May 18.

He said the road is at its worst near the bottom of its long downhill run, as braking cars and running rain water take a toll. 

The company has responded to previous complaints by having the ruts “cold-patched,” meaning unheated asphalt was used. It doesn’t have much  durability.

Paul Wandling of the city of Bremerton engineering staff, which supervises the sewer installation but not the road repair, said a company official told him the job is on a hiatus of perhaps three-months while the company seeks refinancing.

Jacques Dean said the county might attach the bond covering completion of the job if it doesn’t get a satisfactory answer from Bayside.