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Reader sees conflict at Lincoln Road bus lane

The in basket:  Ron Reynolds of Poulsbo, says he sees “a real safety concern at Lincoln and Caldart.

“As you head up LIncoln and want to take a right onto Caldart ,” he said, “you use the regular lane and there is a bus stop with a curb cut out. Invariably, people think that is the turn lane. People in the turn lane can find a right turner in the bus lane. They think it’s a turn lane.” He called it “a real wishy washing situation.”

The out basket: I don’t think “invariably” is the right word. While it looks like a conflict by side-by-side right turners is a definite possibility there, the cars I saw turn right when I visited the site used the proper lane.

Michael Bateman, senior engineering technician for the city of Poulsbo, says “The fog line on Lincoln continues to the end of the bus pull-out. Drivers that are not buses should not be in the bus lane at all – that would be an illegal maneuver that would include crossing the fog line.

“It is not a turn lane and is not signed or indicated as such. The bus pull-out is signed as a bus stop.  There should be no conflicts for drivers operating their vehicles in a legal manner following the rules of the road at that intersection.

 “In addition,” Michael said, “I have researched the (state’s) collision database for the City of Poulsbo from 2001 to present.  There are zero collisions listed … at the Lincoln/Caldart  intersection that involve the claimed issue at question.”