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Why was Broadway in Bremerton made one-way southbound?

The in basket: When Olympic College made Broadway Avenue through its Bremerton campus one-way this year, I understood the reason – to keep students and other pedestrians safer from vehicle traffic as they cross Broadway.

But I wondered why they made it one way southbound. That’s still a viable detour option for drivers in a hurry when they come to a red light at 16th Street after crossing Warren Avenue Bridge.

Wouldn’t one way northbound keep more non-college traffic off campus, I asked.

The out basket: John Perlic of Parametrix, which did the traffic study for the new college parking lots, said they decided that requiring college-bound traffic coming from the north to go down to 13th Street to turn right to reach the parking lots would be less safe for those drivers than turning into the wider 16th Street entrance. More college-bound traffic comes from the north than the south, he said.

Further, he said, there was a surge of cut-through car traffic in the afternoon when Bremerton High School got out for the day, and southbound one-way on Broadway kept those cars off the college campus.

Eventually, the college, which obtained ownership of Broadway from the city of Bremerton a while back, may close the street altogether, he said.