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Agate Pass Bridge in fair to good condition

The in basket: Sharrell Lee writes, “I was crossing the Agate Pass bridge, and was surprised by the way my car was bobbing from traffic crossing the other direction. I was heading west, the other traffic east.

“Are there any plans to replace this bridge?” she asked. “That bridge has to be old, and that would be a terrible place to have a bridge collapse.

The out basket: It is old, older than 60 years, but there are no plans to replace it, says Claudia Bingham-Baker of the state’s Olympic Region for state highways.

“It just went through its bi-annual inspection,” Claudia said, “and is in fair to good overall condition. It needs a paint job, and has areas of corrosion that will be watched more closely over time.

“The bouncing is normal,” she added.