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Beaver floods North Shore Road

The in basket: Jean Bray of Tahuya writes, “For several days there has been inexplicable water on North Shore Road (Highway 300) on the north side of the road just west of where it intersects with Sand Hill Road.

“Even before there was no measurable rain – about four or five days ago – water enough to spray an auto to drive through was there.

“Might there be beaver activity in that area that the state highways department needs to look in to?” she asked.

The out basket: Good guess, Jean. Claudia Bingham-Baker of the Olympic Region for state highways told me Tuesday, “There is beaver activity in the area and WSDOT maintenance crews removed a beaver dam from that spot just yesterday.

“We are in the process of acquiring a permit to remove the beaver and will continue to monitor for beaver activity.  We are also monitoring for water over the roadway,” she said.