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Little Warren Avenue project an outgrowth of much bigger one

The in basket: I’ve been past the little pedestrian island the city of Bremerton added at 17th Street and Warren Avenue several times, and decided to ask what prompted it.

The out basket: I’m glad I did because it grew out of planning for a much bigger project that has begun. The eight  metal platforms that appeared in the eastern sidewalk of the Warren Avenue Bridge last week are for that project, the million-and-a-half dollar replacement of a major water line suspended from the bridge.

“With the water main replacement, we starting looking at traffic control plans and how to better accommodate pedestrians during construction, as we need to close the sidewalk on the east side temporarily,” said Gunnar Fridriksson, managing street engineer for the city.

“When we looked overall at the south end of the bridge, both sides were very lacking in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) facilities.

So we worked with Olympic College to put a small project together that extended the sidewalk on the west side and put new ADA ramps there, along with putting them in at 17th Street along with the pedestrian island.”

He turned me over to utilities engineer Bill Davis for information on the water main job, which also is discussed at http://www.ci.bremerton.wa.us/display.php?id=1201.  I had asked the purpose of the eight platforms.

“The scaffolds you see will allow the contractor to remove and replace the water main that hangs under the bridge sidewalk,” he said. “The scaffolds have wheels and will move between the light poles along the bridge sidewalk.

“They will set up their equipment to put the pipe in place under the north side of the bridge off of Lebo Boulevard. The work is being done by IMCO of Ferndale, and we anticipate completion in late April.”

The outside northbound lane will be closed at times for the work. The closures will be at night (7 p.m. and 6 a.m.) throughout the project, and during the day (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) for up to 20 separate periods, Bill said.

IMCO has permission to close both northbound lanes at night (7 p.m. to 6 a.m.), up to five times, he said, but indicates it probably won’t have to, he said. If they do, the southbound lanes will become two-way for that period.

Closure of the bridge’s east sidewalk has begun. The sidewalk on the other side is open and a detour under the bridge has been marked to direct pedestrians on the east side how to get there.

Bill said two other cross-Narrows water lines, on the Manette Bridge and under water, will provide sufficient water to the east side while the Warren Avenue Bridge line is out of service.