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3 thoughts on “Latest fatality steps up pressure at SR3 and Sunnyslope Road

  1. The problem with those “Intersections” on Hwy 3 to Belfair is the fact that those who pull out thinking that they can make it, when they don’t take into consideration that traffic is 55-60 mph, and they see a small gap and they try to jump out. Sunnyslope is right at the top of a hill that has a passing lane, so there are drivers who are driving faster in the passing lane to get up the hill, usually to get around all the semis that are heading up the hill. There is a merge lane for a driver to jump out to so that they can wait for a safe gap. Putting a light right there is a dumb idea, because that would make traffic and passing traffic have to stop on the hill. And the fact that there are heavy trucks that have a slow time climb that hill might have to stop on that hill, will have a hard time getting started up that steep slope and is just going to cause bigger traffic jams, because there will be some trucks that are not as heavy but will still climb slow up the hill in the passing lane. So some peoples issues with no light can make it worse in the future.
    If some of those drivers who go down from hwy 16 to hwy 3 via Sunnyslope make their choice to try and go a back way just needs to deal with the traffic that is going both ways on hwy 3. I mean an extra 5 minutes up the road and they can take the Belfair exit and go right through a light and be on Hwy 3 and not have to worry about merging traffic. But drivers will always take the backway because on occasion the road will be clear and they can turn onto Hwy 3 from Sunnyslope. So they will continue to go that way. Sometimes the long way can be the quickest.

    Oh and Lake Flora road just a few miles up Hwy 3 towards Belfair, can at times have the same problem with vehicles jumping out into traffic.

    1. Also I would like to add, that if you are a driver that is waiting to pull out into traffic from a side street, you need to have patience. When you decide that you are going to pull out, make sure you judge the oncoming traffic speed and that your pulling out is not going to affect the oncoming traffic. If traffic on the main road has to slow down or slam on their brakes because you jump out, then you can create bigger problem with traffic on the main road. It cause traffic jams or the sudden slamming of brakes and can cause major accidents.
      That being said, if you are a driver on the main road and up ahead there is a car trying to enter a roadway or even merge, you don’t have to slam on your brakes to let someone in, just raise your foot off the accelerator to slow down. And please don’t stop on the hwys to allow a car to enter the hwy. That can cause traffic jams, can cause road rage, accidents, etc. I know, because I see this stuff all the time on the Hwys and Interstates everyday when I am at work. I know you feel good about yourself for letting a car in, but it angers those behind you.

      I see this ty

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