Bad times ahead for Dickey/Apex Airport junction, resident says

The in basket: Barbi Chapman recently returned to the local area and makes a case for major improvements where Dickey Road in Central Kitsap makes a 90-degree turn at its intersection with Apex Airport Road and the turning traffic has the right of way.

“We bought a house in Sterling Hills (on Apex Airport Road) and I have to contend with the lack of signals and/or stop signs a dozen times a day, along with no sidewalks to walk safely,” she said.

“I’ve never seen an intersection quite like (this), with only one stop sign for the people heading out of Apex Airport Road.

“It is a bus stop for Silverdale Elementary, and the Central Kitsap middle and high schools,” she said, adding “I cannot let my kids stand there, in the dark with no sidewalks, no curbs, and no traffic signals.

She continued with a list of additional concerns.

– “Dickey Road is a long straight-away where people pick up excessive speed and then try to make the right turn onto Apex Airport, (thereby) overshooting the turn and coming into oncoming traffic to those heading on Apex Airport toward the airport or attempting the left onto Dickey.

– “Because the town dump and quarry are located on Dickey Road, the Mack trucks, dump trucks, and trucks with two cargos attempt that turn and simply are too large and have to swing into oncoming traffic to complete the turn.

– “CK school district has plans to build the new bus lot on Dickey Road. Can you imagine the traffic with the buses attempting this same intersection with no stop signs or lights?

– “A new development on the corner of Apex Airport and Dickey roads is under construction with the addition of 40 condos and all that impending traffic.

–  “Sterling Hills has plans for phase 3 development. Seventy-five houses are slated for construction within the next two years. That’s another 150 cars, at least, attempting this same intersection daily,” she concluded.

The out basket: Kitsap County Traffic Engineer Jeff Shea responded.

“The development along the southeast corner of the intersection is constructing curb, gutter and sidewalk along the frontage of that property,” he said. “The development will also be constructing additional lane width along the east and south sides of the road.  This will allow truck and bus movements that shouldn’t encroach on opposing traffic lanes.

“At the current traffic volumes, the intersection of Dickey Road and Apex Airport doesn’t warrant a traffic signal. The developments and the school improvements have triggered warrants for a signal at Anderson Hill and Apex Airport though.  That signal is in the early stages of project development.

“All reported collisions that occur on county roads are put into a state database that is accessible to the county Public Works Traffic Division. A review of all the collisions at the intersection of Apex Airport and Dickey roads for the last five years showed only two. One was a run-off-the-road and another involved a vehicle that ran the stop sign.  We will continue to monitor this and all other intersections and corridors for collision issues.

“The school district hired a consultant to look at all the traffic impacts the new bus lot would have on this and other intersections.  Anderson Hill was the only intersection that triggered improvements, and as I mentioned a signal is being proposed here.

“County Planning and Public Works looks at all new developments, and requires them to do an assessment of future traffic that their development will put on county roadways.  Historically, Apex Airport has been a very minor road and Dickey has been the local collector road. So Dickey Road has been the through road for as long as anyone can remember.  The new developments were required to look at the new traffic they would be adding to the intersection.  Their modeling of the traffic showed that the intersection would operate well above the county standard as it is currently configured.”



2 thoughts on “Bad times ahead for Dickey/Apex Airport junction, resident says

  1. Travis,
    Just read the article you wrote, & one note concerns me & the other 40 owners of Apex Airport, an air field that has been here since 1946.
    The 40 unit condos being built is NEW news to all of us.
    This high density development is in violation of the airport protection act, a Washington State law. This is another other “Nail-In-The-Coffin” of the existence of the Airport that has been here for 70 years & the homes of the owners that use the airport, who pay a higher property tax for that and the Apex Owners Improvement Association (APOIA), a non profit volunteer board/Corporation that manages the airport & gets NO outside money nor help to provide to the Public free access by air to this area.
    To my knowledge the APOIA Board of Directors has NOT been notified/consulted/talked to about the condo development.
    We did battle with Sterling Homes that was in violation, but only got a notification on property title that Apex Airport exists, so as to prevent the Sterling Homes Association from trying to close us down, lack of knowing we exist. History will show that to be of little help.
    APOIA has not been notified of the Master Plan that is to be up dated every ten years, last updated in 2006.
    The Battle goes on. Thanks for the info on what that development is to be. Well be passing this on to the State Level. Kitsap DCD seems to do what ever benefits the tax base & their existance, no matter what laws may be on the books.

  2. I just found this article, and I think that I am much more concerned about the impact of the massive bus facility that the county has approved to go on Dickey Rd by the Elementary School. Over 102 buses! On Dickey Rd and the only impact that they think there will be is going to be at Apex and Anderson Hill? I live down Knute Anderson, and I can tell you it’s feeling pretty cramped down here trying to get out and get onto Dickey Rd. I can’t even imagine the types of mornings that are going to come to pass next year trying to leave for work or an early morning jog and having the buses going out for their routes? I drive Apex Airport/Dickey almost every day, and I think you’re right that adding the extra traffic is going to really screw things up for you all leaving Apex Rd to get to Dickey or Anderson. It’s not just the buses. This is going to be a one-stop-shop facility for the School District where they are anticipating 126 employees on top of visitors.

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