Revisiting Riddell Road storm runoff

The in basket: Bob Carter, who complained to the Road Warrior last spring about storm water allowed to flow down Riddell Road in Bremerton during heavy rains, writes again to say, “Paving on Riddell Road between Pine and Highway 303 was just completed. There had been a problem with water on the roadway during a hard rain storm.

“After the paving, there seems to be still a water problem on the roadway during a rain storm and it starts up by Peace Lutheran Church. The water from the culvert under the driveway going to Peace Lutheran Church needs to be contained and routed to a drain before it enters the roadway which causes hazardous driving.

“Now most of the water enters the roadway and some of the water flows downhill and enters the parking lot at Redwood Plaza with excess water depositing sand/gravel in the parking lot and it also has created standing water as you enter the Redwood Plaza parking lot by Bank of America.

“The exit to the parking lot was filled in with asphalt but the entrance side was not. The new paving did, however, improve the water on the roadway at Riddell and Highway 303,” he said.

The out basket: Colen Corey of Bremerton Public Works, says, “We added some catch basins to catch water in the right of way east of the church so that there is less water traveling the entire distance on the road surface.

“We have not completed the various tasks associated with this project yet, such as some shoulder work, paving of driveway areas and completion of lane channelization. We will accomplish these tasks this fall/winter as time allows.

“This area is very flat and the surface water does not move very fast, causing the perception of a lot of water in the roadway during heavy rain periods. However, the new drainage is working good and handling storm water as planned.

One thought on “Revisiting Riddell Road storm runoff

  1. I’ve noticed the same problem since the paving project on Riddell. While it is a smoother road to drive on, the water that enters the road just about 100′ east of the church driveway is a problem that is worse than before. All one has to do during a heavy rain is to go over there and see where the water runs up out of the ditch and onto the road. Vehicles can put out a good 4′ spray if not more. The first time I noticed it I was amazed at the amount of water going down the road, and I drive the road almost daily. It’a like a small stream (3′-5′ wide in some places) during moderate to heavy rainfall. Not sure what Colens perception of working good is but whoever did the planning should be fired if they think this is acceptable.

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