Widening of highway north of Poulsbo is possible, but when?

The in basket: Catherine Slaton writes, “My husband and I are looking at property in Poulsbo just off SR 3 (Kinman Road) and heard through the grapevine that the state wants to widen the road to four lanes by 2030.

“In researching the likelihood of this I stumbled onto your very informative blog,” she said. (Aw, shucks). “Are you privy to any new information on the likelihood of this occurring?  I did read in a 2009 blog post that lack of funding, design, and environmental issues were keeping this from happening.”

The out basket: I’m afraid this one won’t qualify as “very informative.” Claudia Bingham-Baker of the Olympic Region of state highways could tell us only that “WSDOT has identified a need to widen SR 3 between SR 305 and SR 104. At present that need is unfunded. It would be up to the Legislature to allocate funds for such a project to occur, and I don’t know what the likelihood is of that happening.”

Who knows? Maybe 2030 will find it widened.

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