Status to remain quo on SR303 near Fred Meyer

The in basket: Sharrell  Lee says, “I want to know if there are any plans to add extra lanes in the approximately three miles between Arbys and Fairgrounds on Highway 303.

“Why?  Have you driven it lately?  The worst area is where the Fred Meyer turn and Camelot turn are situated.  Approximately 3 p.m. any weekday, it is insane with traffic backing up from Lowes to Riddell in either direction.

“Also, the word is that an apartment complex across from Golden Star (restaurant)will soon be built. This will further add to the congestion, and I therefore don’t see how some traffic revision can be avoided.  I’m interested in what the long range highway plans for this area are.”

The out basket: Claudia Bingham-Baker of the Olympic Region of state highways says, “No improvements are currently planned beyond routine highway paving in the area. A study completed in 2002 identified the potential of adding HOV lanes at 11th Street in Bremerton and extending them to the north to Fairgrounds Road, but no funding has been secured.”


2 thoughts on “Status to remain quo on SR303 near Fred Meyer

  1. Here it is in print – Lents long-desired HOV lane across the Warren Ave. bridge. You think traffic is bad now, just wait.

  2. I don’t know about commute times but when I’ve been in Poulsbo during the day, The HOV lane has maybe two cars in it and traffic is always backed up in the other lane. I’m amazed that anyone still thinks HOV lanes cut down on congestion. But they do a great job of creating congestion.

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