Help on the way for Lebo Boulevard

The in basket:  Mike Dalzell asks, “When, if ever, is Lebo (Boulevard in Bremerton) going to be repaved. If it’s not the worst

street in Bremerton, I’m not sure what would be. It’s terrible to drive on and even worse on a bicycle.

“You can tell immediately when you transition

from Tracyton Beach (Road) to Lebo where Sheridan Ts into it and then again when you get past the community center.”

The out basket: Tom Knuckey, Bremertons’ city engineer, says, “We have a significant reconstruction project under design right now for Lebo from the connection with Lower Wheaton Way north to the city limits.

“Our plan is to bid and construct the project next year.  The project will have similar scope to the Lower Wheaton Way project we recently completed (bike lanes, sidewalks, pavement, illumination, etc.,) but will have shared use paths in places also.

“We’ve had a couple public meetings to coordinate the scope, and will have another in September (or thereabouts) after we’re received and commented on the 30 percent design,” he said.

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