Chico Way paving finished early

The in basket: Sam Watland commented on the recent column in which a reader criticized the chip seal paving being done on Gold Creek Road and wrote, “Seems like the same story we heard from the county about the poor patching on Chico Way two years ago. “The promised chip sealing never happened and now our tax dollars are being spent once again to grind up all the poorly done patchwork by the county to be repaved by a contractor.

“When is the county going to be held accountable for wasting our tax dollars?”

The out basket: That wasn’t my recollection of the planned Chico Way work, and I asked if Sam’s recollection was correct?

“No,” says Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works. “Chico Way was not scheduled for a chip seal. The previous work he saw there was preservation work to repair failing areas on the road.

“The most recent work was not repairing poorly done work, rather it was the pre-leveling required that precedes all paving projects.

The paving was scheduled for completion Aug. 5, but was finished about two weeks earlier than that.

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