City, county working on getting stretch of Riddell repaved

The in basket: Joe Haptas writes, “At the present time the county is spending a large amount of money on the improvements at the junction of McWilliams Road and Old Military in Central Kitsap.  Those of us who use this road, wonder why.
“Some funds do need to be spent on Riddell Road between Wheaton Way and Pine Road. This section of the road has to be the worst washboard road in Central Kitsap and needs to be repaved. I believe the road is split between the city of Bremerton and the county and the county side is the worst side.
“Do you know of any plans to repave this short section?”
The in basket: The fact that portion of Riddell serves as the boundary between the city and county seems to be confusing things, but both entities have hopes to repave it this summer.
Doug Bear of county public works says, “The county side of that area is scheduled to be repaved this summer.”
Chal Martin, the city’s public works director, said this week, “We are still hoping to coordinate our effort with Kitsap County and get this segment repaved this summer.  I would say it is 50/50 as I write this response.”
I’ve asked intermittently how responsibility for maintenance and reconstruction is decided with streets and roads that serve as a boundary, as Riddell does, and never got a very clear answer. Reading between the lines of the two responses above, I’d guess the answer isn’t crystal clear to anyone.
As for the McWilliams/Old Military work, the reason was mentioned in a front page Kitsap Sun story Tuesday. It is prompted by 16 accidents at the intersection in the past five years, and hopes to prevent future ones with a left turn lane on eastbound McWilliams.

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