PO Post Office egress is a neck-strainer

The in basket: William Bozarth asks, “Is there a chance that a mirror be placed such that a person leaving the Port Orchard Post Office can see traffic coming down the hill?

“There are trees blocking the view of traffic,” he said. “The exit is an angle that makes it difficult to look over one’s shoulder.  My feelings are this is an accident waiting to happen.”

The out basket: I’m surprised that I haven’t heard this one before, as I can attest that it’s hard on one’s neck to look back and get a good enough view of on-coming traffic to feel confident pulling out. Usually I roll down my window so I can stick my head farther out.

Mark Dorsey, Port Orchard’s public works director, said he’d not heard complaints about it either. “It’s a right-out only and I have never had a complaint or concern,” he said. “The only issue we have heard about involves drivers trying to make a U-turn,” which the city addressed with an island and extended with pylons to prevent that.

It’s telling that Mark uses the term U-turn. That’s what it felt like before the city prohibited turning left. The city wants those leaving the post office to go down to the roundabout and return if they want to go south. I suppose some do, but many use the wide spot in front of the Vista Motel to double back.

Mark said “We can look at any sight distance issues,” which probably would consider whether some or all of the trees should be removed.

I doubt that a mirror would last very long before a driver hit and destroyed it.


One thought on “PO Post Office egress is a neck-strainer

  1. The Port Orchard post office is a ‘mess’. A little paint could go a long way to improve its appearance or at least some soap and water. It is a community embarrassment. How much trouble would it be to put a few evergreen plants in the bare dirt in front. It’s been like this for so long people don’t expect anything else. I for one expect more from our businesses in town.

    Beautify Port Orchard by starting with our Post Office.

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