There’s a reason street goes unswept

The in basket: Bob Gordon writes, “The street sweeper never comes through our street (Green Glenn Lane) and it is covered with pine needles, branches and  the like. What is the rule about getting it swept up after a storm?

“Some of the residents go out and sweep it up but what are we paying taxes for? I realize that this is a cul-de-sac but there is a way in and a way out for the sweeper to come through there.”

The out basket: Like many roads in Kitsap County, Green Glenn Lane was never accepted by the county for maintenance. Doug Bear of the county’s public works department, says, “NE Green Glenn Lane is a private road. Maintenance on that road is the responsibility of the property owners along it.”

Usually, being accepted for county maintenance requires having the road brought up to county standards. I would guess the street sign has a “pvt” for private on it and maybe even a “U” if it’s unmaintained.

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