Tree on a phone wire got quick action

The in basket: Carolie Graddon wrote Monday to say, “On the Bethel-Burley Road, about 2/10 of a mile south of the Burley Store, there is a large evergreen tree leaning over the road at a nearly 45-degree angle.  It is leaning on/dragging down power lines and someone has put up caution tape hanging from the lines.  This looks like a dangerous situation as the tree looks ready to fall across the road at any moment.”

Later in the day, she wrote, “Never mind!  I drove by there this afternoon and a company called North Sky was taking the tree down.”

The out basket: Between her e-mails I had inquired of Kitsap County Public Works and their spokesman Doug Bear, though I wasn’t sure the tree in question wasn’t in Pierce County, and Doug said, “The tree is on a telephone line. County crews do not cut trees entangled in wires. Century Tel (the utility responsible for the line) is sending a crew today to cut the tree off the line. County road crews will be standing by to clear the roadway.”

I must assume North Sky is a Century Tel contractor comparable to Potelco for Puget Sound Energy.

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