Why such big gaps in street address numbers?

The in basket: John Paasch is puzzled by how house numbers are determined in assigning addresses in Kitsap County.

“The numbers start low and go up to 99 real fast in a block or more,” he said. “For example, in my area it starts at 7205 and the next house is 7221 then skips another 20 numbers or more and the next house the same and so on and this is for just eight houses. This is all in about a block and a half.

“I see this all over Kitsap County.  What happened to just going from 2 or 4 or so instead of jumping up to the real high numbers real quick?”

The out basket: The answer comes from Ashlie Brown, the county’s addressing project lead. “The reasoning behind the fast jump in numbers is based upon the distance between the houses,” she said. “If the houses are less than an acre apart there is to be a minimum of 12 numbers in between each house. If the houses are more than an acre but less than 2.5 acres there is to be a minimum of 18 numbers in between, and lastly If the houses are over 5 acres apart there are to be a minimum of 30 numbers in-between the houses.

”The reasoning behind this is to prepare for any possible growth in the future. This will allow  us to easily address any new houses or dwelling units without having to re-address the entire street or block etc. If we did not use this method and a new house was constructed, everyone on the street (might) be forced to have a new address to simply accommodate one house. With this method we can avoid this happening.”

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