Why keep the bridge toll booths?

The in basket: Tom Brooke of Poulsbo writes, “The state was considering raising the Narrows Bridge tolls but did not, which is good. But why are the toll booths still manned by toll takers?

“If they can use Good to Go! passes and photo license plate cameras then why do they still need takers? It seems this would be a logical place to cut expenses and eliminate the need to raise more in the future.

The out basket: My guess was that it would greatly reduce the number of out of state drivers who would pay the toll. But the state toll division says, “In 2011, at the direction of the state Legislature, WSDOT completed a study on removing the toll booths at the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and switching to all-electronic tolling.

“In the study, WSDOT recommended additional analysis after implementing the Pay By Mail options to help determine whether to move to all-electronic tolling on the bridge. WSDOT would need additional direction from the Legislature to further evaluate the removal of the cash toll booths.”

2 thoughts on “Why keep the bridge toll booths?

  1. Hah! Waiting for the legislators to do something? Good luck with that. They’re the 4th highest paid in the nation, and can’t decide how to fund basic education. Those slugs need to be removed.

  2. Gee, Tom, not everyone wants (or can afford) Good To Go passes. I go across the bridge maybe once in 6 months and if I go south to Portland, I go through Shelton. What good would a pass do me?

    And I can already see the mess happening if everyone gets a toll charge by camera. Besides, save money at the toll booths? All that’s going to happen is the state toll division will see another opportunity to make more money and raise tolls again because of the need to align their cameras, or something stupid like that.

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