Monthly Archives: April 2016

Totten at 305 not slated for traffic light

The in basket: Christine Goodson asked, very succinctly,  “What is the timeline for placement of a traffic signal light at Totten Road and 305 in Poulsbo?”

The out basket: The tone of her question made me wonder if she had heard something I hadn’t, that a signal was on its way.

Maybe she just considers it such an obvious place for a signal, an intersection coming out of a sweeping curve.

Whatever, Olympic Region spokeswoman Claudia Bingham Baker with state highways, was just as succinct. “Currently we have no plans to install a signal at that location,” she said.

Riddell Road runoff distresses pair of readers

The in basket: Two readers say storm water runoff on Riddell Road in East Bremerton just west of  Highway 303 needs attention.

Bob Carter wrote in early March to say, “During  a hard rain while driving west on Riddell Road from Wheaton Way most of the entire lane is water flowing down from further west on Riddell Road. This creates a hazard while driving and the road gets large chuck holes and loose gravel on the roadway.

“I noticed the other day the city of Bremerton was patching the holes but after the next rain there will be additional chuck holes in that area. Water run-off needs to be better contained to keep it out of the roadway.

Glen Adrig wrote a couple weeks later to say,  “Since there is only one drain grating on the north side of Riddell (located close to the corner of Riddell/Wheaton), which is tasked to collect and drain the water run off for about a 1/3 of a mile from the west (from Redwood Plaza, to Peace Lutheran, and on up to Bowwood Circle), each moderate rainfall results in flooding and cars splashing huge quantities of water as they travel past Redwood Plaza.

“The closest drain grating is uphill near the intersection of Bowwood Circle and Riddell Road, and it does very little to mitigate the historic flooding on the north side of the road near Riddell and Wheaton.

“I’ve noticed pavement markings from locator services around the northwest corner of Wheaton Way and Riddell Road. Is this an indication that the city of Bremerton is going to finally address the lack of adequate drainage, and the subsequent flooding and bad pavement surfaces caused by all of the water run off that collects on the north side of Riddell at Wheaton Way whenever there is a moderate rainfall?

“This is a fix that has been needed for more than 20 years, and the city is long overdue to remedy this problem,” Glen said.

The out basket: Neither the patching Bob saw nor the painted markings at the Wheaton Way intersection are indications the city has plans to correct this, though it does. Public Works Director Chal Martin says, “We do have a capital improvement project in our Drainage Utility plan for this work.  It is currently scheduled for design work in 2017 and construction work in 2018.”

The markings Glen sees are on nearly every public intersection along Wheaton Way and are preparation for improvements at the intersections to meet Americans with Disability Act standards for pedestrian access.

The pedestrian signals will be converted to audible-beep buttons that sound when they are pushed, and countdown signal heads that tell those in the crosswalk how much more time they have to get across. The curb cuts will be brought up to current standards and the yellow rumble pads that help the blind know where they are will be added.

It’s a state project on that state highway and is related to the repaving on the highway in the city due in 2017. Work on the pedestrian improvements already has begun and workmen can be seen modifying the  poles on which the electronics are mounted.