Bond-Lindvig signal in Poulsbo puzzles reader

The in basket: Tom Wisniewski of Bremerton asks, “Do you know if the signal at the intersection of Front Street, Bond Road, and Lindvig Way (in Poulsbo) is on a sensor or a timer?  I seem to spend a lot of time waiting for non-existent traffic to come off of Bond Road.”

The out basket: Mike Lund, public works supervisor in Poulsbo, replies, “The Bond Road / Lindvig Way signal is on a timer on the Bond Road leg of the intersection. This leg of the intersection  has bad (traffic) detection and the controller for the signal has a few issues.

“There are times that traffic has to sit while there are no cars but its set for a maximum time of 30 seconds.  At no point do cars have to sit for more than 30 seconds without traffic. This seems like a long time when you’re the driver sitting there but it seems to be keeping the traffic in the intersection moving the best. We have adjusted it to find a happy medium.

“A new controller has been ordered for that intersection and we are looking at doing radar style traffic detection.

“By  May/June this intersection will have all new equipment and be working properly,” Mike said.

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