Nothing planned for Parcells Road area near Kingston

The in basket: Kimberley Kelly writes, “Are there any future plans for the Highway 104/Parcells Road/Barber-Cut Off Road intersection in Kingston?

“The county re-aligned the road many years ago, however, when the ferry is unloading and/or when the elementary school is starting or ending its day, it can be nearly impossible to cross this intersection.

“We have lived in our home off Parcells Road for 23 years and this intersection is becoming more and more dangerous each year. There have been wrecks (including fatalities) and constant near-misses at this intersection. I would love to see a traffic signal or a large round-about at this location.

The out basket: Kitsap County has a study going it calls a “Complete Streets Study” of Kingston, but it’s not so complete that it stretches out to Parcells Road.

Doug Bear of Kitsap County public works says, “Parcells Road is outside the boundary of the Complete Streets Study.” Nothing is included on the county’s six-year Transportation Improvement Program extending out to 2021 for that intersection and the state also says it has no plans for improvements there.

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