Clear Creek logging is just logging

The in basket: Art Hammond writes to say he “was wondering if you have heard what is going on with Clear Creek Road? There has been a lot of clear-cutting where it goes over Trigger Avenue, heading toward the (Bangor submarine) base. Would be nice if they are going to affix an on-ramp or off-ramp for the highway there.

“Inquiring minds are questioning,” he said. “Many of us are curious.”

The out basket: Art’s hope didn’t seem very likely, as the absence of ramps from Clear Creek Road to the base was intentional when the main entrance was created. It was done to minimize pressure to urbanize the area and to keep it rural.

Steve Heacock, senior environmental planner for Kitsap County, says, “The properties on Clear Creek were recently acquired by a logging company and the owners are simply logging and replanting under State Department of Natural Resources permitting and guidance. These properties are not being converted to other uses.”

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