Bad Silverdale Way patches to be redone

The in basket: Tom, who didn’t want his full name used, e-mailed to say, “Last week the county patched areas of Silverdale Way, both sides, north of the 303 overpass to Schold Road. These patched areas are already breaking down, making the road worst than what it was. You can tell the areas by the amount of asphalt stacking up in the center lane and by the fog lines.

“Was this a bad batch of asphalt? Does the county plan on further repairs/ replacement of these areas?”

The out basket: Doug Bear, spokesman for Kitsap County Public Works, replied succinctly, “It was a bad mix of asphalt from the vendor. We will be going back to take out the asphalt we put in and re-patch it with a better mix from a different vendor.”


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