Large detention ponds next to dealership evidently done on spec

The in basket: In my occasional trips out to Grey Chevrolet in Port Orchard I couldn’t help but notice and wonder about two immense storm water ponds across Hovde Road from the dealership. Next to them was a large graded and hydroseeded area.

One of the service reps said the scuttlebutt was that it was preparations for a Holiday Inn Express, but I couldn’t confirm that. So I asked the city of Port Orchard, which I figured must have approved what has been done so far.

The out basket: Public Works Director Mark Dorsey replied, “The storm water detention facility that you are referring to is a private system constructed by the property owner for development.  There have been numerous proposals, as it appears that the initial plan submitted to the city was not for a project ready to move forward, rather marketing the site. The city has recently met with another potential buyer….looking at the property.”

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