Reader finds SR303 repaving to be bumpy

The in basket: Nancy Bryant writes, “I have a question about the recent Highway 303 repaving.  When traveling on Highway 303, particularly going south near the Ridgetop exits, the road is now really bumpy.  The middle lane going south is the worse – my CRV just bumps up and down continually.  In the far left lane you can see where there are what look like rake marks weaving back and forth in the paving.

“Were these unevenly paved areas a big mistake or was it intentional?  If it was intentional, why?

The out basket: I drove it and wouldn’t call the surface bumpy. Wavy, maybe. I felt a little side to side sway in my 2013 Malibu, and I suppose 10 miles of it might make me motion sick. But it was hard to detect.

Claudia Bingham Baker of the Olympic Region of state highways says, “We sent an inspector out to take a look at that section of road.  What he found was that this pavement section does have some unevenness, however it is not out of tolerance for pavement smoothness.

“The rake marks that are present are caused by the paving roller and will go away with time. We plan no corrective action at this time.”

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