Large flags on vehicles OK in most cases

The in basket: Morris 2126, who didn’t leave his last name but who evidently is 2,126th in a succession, wrote, “I have observed many large pickup trucks driving in Kitsap County with huge flags trailing from the beds. The American flag is frequently billowing in the wind. I assume that this signals that the driver is charging into battle.
“On more than one occasion, I have observed a large Confederate flag as well. I cringe every time I see the Confederate flag side by side with the Stars and Stripes. What is this supposed to signal? I seriously doubt the excuse of ‘southern pride.’  Get real, we all know what it really means.

“While we cannot change stupidity and hate, I question whether it is legal to be driving around with large flags flying on our cars. It is a distraction. If the flag pole were to break, a serious accident could occur,” he said..

The out basket: I see more 12th Man flags that answer that description than either American or Confederate flags.

Trooper Russ Winger of the State Patrol here replies, “There is nothing illegal about displaying a flag on a vehicle as long as the flag is securely attached and does not obscure the driver’s or other motorists’ visibility. It also must not extend beyond the maximum width and height restrictions for vehicles.”

3 thoughts on “Large flags on vehicles OK in most cases

  1. Those big flags cant be no more of a distraction than those who drive around with a big dog or a couple dogs in their lap while driving. The flags waving are doing just that, waving. If a driver feels that they are distracting, then just go around it. Thats what I do. If I cant see ahead of the vehicle in front of me, I just go around. I used to have a big flag on my truck right after 9/11 and was proud of it, but in the end I took it down, because in my mind, I was just saying to other drivers, hey look at me and my big flag. And that is all that is going on with these wannabe rednecks who probably grew up in Iowa, hey look at me, I am supporting my 1st amendment right by waving all these flags and supporting a cause that makes no sense. I grew up around the Stars and Bars all me life growing up in the South and It was no big deal back then. No one made a fuss over it. But in todays PC world, it is not allowed because everything is judged now by social media and everyone public opinion that traditions are now being shamed upon. The fact now that people do bad things while carrying a confederate flag is now a big deal because of social media, but if those same people did the same thing while carrying the US Flag, no one would say a word. Anyways let them look like jackasses with their big flags on their big trucks and just laugh at them as you pass.

  2. I’m not laughing when I see those big flags fluttering in the breeze. I smile! I love seeing those trucks with the big flags on the back. The Kitsap Sun wrote an article about the group that does this awhile back. Read it here:
    Thank you “Freedom Flyers” for supporting a cause that does indeed make sense. And laugh with me at the fools who think they know what your motivation is for doing what you do.

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