Extra outside ‘lane’ at Sedgwick & Sidney

The in basket: Jim Milner e-mails to say the intersection of Sidney and Sedgwick roads in South Kitsap, for traffic approaching from the Highway 16 freeway, has a problem.

It “faces four traffic lights at the intersection,” Jim said, one for left turn, one for straight ahead, one for straight ahead /right turn. There are three lanes of traffic. one left turn, one straight ahead and one straight ahead/right turn. There is another lane on the right shoulder that appears to be controlled by the fourth light, yet at the same time it is not designated as a traffic lane.
“This creates no small amount of confusion,” Jim said, “resulting in many near collisions between those using the designated right turn lane and another driver assuming the extreme lane is a designated turn lane. I have been told by a KCSO deputy that if an accident were to occur at that intersection, both parties would be cited for failure to yield right of way.
“Why are there four lights to control three lanes of traffic?”
The out basket: You’ll find one more signal head than there are lanes at nearly every signalized intersection, including in the other directions at that one. It’s a federally required redundancy on the main movement at such intersections, in case one signal head fails or is obscured by other traffic.

Mark Dorsey, public works director for Port Orchard, says, “What Mr. Milner is seeing is ‘extra asphalt’ at the shoulder.  The edge stripe/fog line heading west (coming from Lowe’s) is continuous with the combination through lane (westbound)/right-turn(northbound.)

“There is potentially room for a right-turn pocket with curb/gutter/sidewalk and that will be a future improvement, but for now……the edge strip designates the lane…….and people crossing the edge stripe and using it as a right-turn lane are being ticketed.”

One thought on “Extra outside ‘lane’ at Sedgwick & Sidney

  1. I really doubt that they are being ticketed. Unless they are seen doing something really unsafe. The reason why I say that is because In Central Valley and Fairgrounds, you can see several vehicles doing the same thing. You will also see it when coming off Highway 303 and making a right turn onto Central Valley road nw. Drivers make those turns especially when you get behind a driver that wont make their right hand turn or they seem to be oblivious to the light because they are on their phone. NOw while it is against the law and yes I got pulled over once at the intersection, it was for leaving the paved road when I turned right. I did not receive a ticket but I know it gave the cop a reason to run me in the system which was fine with me. But I have seen cops do the same turn at those intersections. Especially the right turn to go up Central Valley after exiting 303. Drive Safe

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