Cluster of Kingston message signs questioned

The in basket: Walt Elliott of Kingston wonders about an array of signs he sees on weekends a block from the KIngston ferry terminal.

“A well-intentioned individual regularly puts up a cluster of message signs,” Walt said. “Putting up a sign or two is the norm for yard sales, events, messages etc. and is A-OK with most, but 10 signs is over the top for me.

“As I recall this isn’t allowed by RCW.  Although the stretch is patrolled by WSP to manage traffic, this weekend flock of signs remains as predictable as mushrooms after a spring rain.  Is there an acceptable upper limit ?”

Among the messages he’s seen, which vary, he says, are Kingston Port of Peace, 22 Vets Die Every Day, Earth Care not Warfare, Move to amend, Corps are not people, Be a well informed voter, No Lies radio, Informed consent, World Peace Thru 911 Truth, End Wars and Occupations, Time for Women to Stand Equal and 5 Women on the Supreme Court.

“The location is on SR 104 where it divides into two one way streets,” he said. “This is 2 and one half blocks from the toll booths.  The display normally runs from the fork in the road where the current community center parking lot is (and where WSP traffic control routinely parks) up past the intersection with Illinois Avenue.

“The individual has also set up his display in Poulsbo at the junction of 305 and Bond Rd. (307),” Walt said.

The out basket: . Claudia Bingham Baker of the Olympic region of state highways says, “We will have our maintenance crews look into it.  Private signs are not allowed on state right of way, so if that is occurring, we will first try to contact the signs’ owner, and follow up as needed after that.”


2 thoughts on “Cluster of Kingston message signs questioned

  1. You know I have read this post about 5 times now and I am wondering if these signs are out in the middle of the lane or obstructing traffic flow. I think the only things out there in Kingston that obstructs the flow of traffic is the drivers from Kingston. They like to drive super slow and even slop in the middle of the road and stop traffic and plus I mean as many times as I have driven out to the Kingston Ferry I dont think I have ever even seen these signs. This story seems like just the rantings of a resident there that is just against signs. And in the end Olympia is going to waste resources going out to Kingston to look for these signs. If they are not road direction signs that communicate to drivers, then what is the big deal. This kind of sounds like a !st amendment topic to me and Road Warrior I think you got snookered into this story so that this writer could get his disgruntlement out there. This really does sound like something that should have been brought up to local Govt in Kingston and not Olympia.

  2. I have a solution for you Tex, if you don’t like how folks drive in Kingston, take another route (maybe all the way back to Dixie). Bill Collier

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