Bremerton gets another flashing yellow left turn

The in basket: I see that Bremerton has added a flashing left turn arrow to another intersection, the one at 11th Street and High Avenue.

I’m among the fans of the flashing yellow lefts, which reduce the amount of time a driver must wait to turn left, compared to left turn signals that are red after a green cycle ends.

I was told the city didn’t have the money to add any more of the signals, after they installed them on nearly all of those on Sixth Street, which they were able to pay for with utility money. Sixth was the designated detour when 11th Street was disrupted by sewer replacement work in 2012, allowing for use of wastewater money for the signals.

I was  curious if the appearance of one at 11th and High signaled more use of them in the city.

The out basket: The flashing yellow at 11th and High isn’t the major reduction of wait times that the others were, because it replaces a green ball light and sign saying left turners must yield on green. So left turns were permitted while oncoming traffic had the green light all along.

Jim Orton, operations manager for city public works, says. “That intersection really needed the flashing yellow (the yield on green ball is not as intuitive as the arrow). We used some parts from other projects to get this in, so the only costs really were labor.

“It is our intent to standardize our left turn pockets with flashing arrows rather than the green ball but this will be done over time.”

2 thoughts on “Bremerton gets another flashing yellow left turn

  1. I too am a fan of the flashing yellow lights at the intersections. I would like to see them at every intersection. They work very well as long as drivers can have a little patience. Now while every car can actually make it through the flashing light if at least one can get through it makes traffic less congested. But there are those out there that will refuse to go through the flashing light just like those who dont turn right on a red and all that does is piss other drivers off and wastes the time of the engineers who do what they can to make the traffic move faster. So keep the yellow light flashing.

  2. I live on 10th. I use the lights at High and Naval to make left hand turns off of 11th. Coming up the hill going Westbound on 11th the left turn on to High did have a designated green turn arrow that worked during certain time of the day/night that would fully stop traffic coming Eastbound. I am hoping that that yellow flashing arrow encourages more people to use intersections with designated turn lanes off of 11th. Those that don’t and use streets like Ohio to make left hand turns cause dangerous backups and accidents simply because they can’t bother turning one block early with a turn lane that allows them to wait while traffic behind them can keep flowing.

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