Where’s the Ridgetop-Levin traffic light?

The in basket: In a visit to Silverdale one recent morning, I noted that there was no traffic signal on Ridgetop Boulevard at Levin Road, something I’d understood would be part of the accommodations for drivers while Bucklin Hill Road is closed.

When I returned home that day, I found the following e-mail from Laurie LeMay. “Many hours were spent getting the signal installed and ready to handle the traffic at Levin and Ridgetop,” she wrote. “It was supposed to be ready at the beginning of the Bucklin Hill Road closure.

“Then we heard it wouldn’t be installed until July 10.  Here it is July 24 and no signal is installed.

“All the wires are there and the control box but no actual lights.  Can you find out any information on this?  It would really help the  workers on Levin if they could get out onto Ridgetop.”

The out basket: It’s a familiar story with traffic signal installations – late delivery of needed parts, though this time it isn’t the poles and cross-arms, the usual culprits.

“The hold-up with the signal is materials,” says Tina Nelson of Kitsap County Public Works. “We have everything ready to go but the signal heads. The delivery date has unfortunately been delayed.

“We are monitoring the situation, and are prepared to add a flagger or two if needed at the intersection of Levin and Ridgetop.

“The signal will be functional no later than August 10,” she said.

One thought on “Where’s the Ridgetop-Levin traffic light?

  1. I can’t think of a worse thing to do than add a traffic signal at Levin and Ridgetop. Northbound Ridgetop is already backed up constantly during the day, making it nearly impossible to turn from Blaine onto Ridgetop or from Ridgetop onto Blaine. Blaine is constantly backed up past the Safeway entrance now, and the backup often gets awfully close to Bucklin Hill. Every time I drive that way traffic is much worse on Blaine than on Levin. Now a traffic light at Levin, and another 200 yards later at Mickelberry is going to make traffic even worse.

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