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2 thoughts on “Pedestrians imperiled at 11th & Kitsap Way

  1. It was years ago, on a proverbial dark-and-stormy-night, that I too witnessed a near accident with a pedestrian crossing at this intersection. My impression, which has been reinforced by other driver behavior north of this intersection, is that locals do not even consider that they may have to stop at the signal when southbound on Kitsap Way. A red light southbound so rarely happens that locals have just tuned out the possibility that it might happen, and don’t even monitor the traffic signals.

    My suggestion would be to put the emphasis on warning lights directly associated with the crosswalk, perhaps like the in-pavement flashers in Port Orchard. That would have the benefit of raising awareness of the crosswalk, even among drivers in the other lanes of the intersection.

  2. We lived on Marine Drive for a lot of years so I am familiar with this intersection. One time, I almost did not stop for the red light. It seems to me the reason is that people drive down that section of street many times and never need to stop so the are not paying attention and don’t even see the red light.

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