Will hospital construction add to hurt from Bucklin Hill Road closure?

The in basket: Karen Ebersole writes, “I saw in the Sun  that they are starting a new addition to Harrison Hospital in Silverdale, starting in the fall? Really?  With the closure of Bucklin Hill Road, and now this new construction on the other major road out of Silverdale?  Am I wrong in thinking this is going to be more than a nightmare?”

I asked Kitsap County Public Works whether construction of the new hospital may affect plans to ameliorate the congestion from the year-long Bucklin Hill Road closure and if the hospital has been asked or ordered not to interfere with traffic in its part of Silverdale while the road is closed. The new hospital is to be next to the existing one at Ridgetop Boulevard and Myhre Road.

The out basket: County Traffic Engineer Jeff Shea replied, “We do not have a final mitigation plan for the hospital and don’t know what road improvements may be part of their plan.

“We did have the discussion with Harrison about road work occurring during the bridge project. They are aware that no road work impacting the Ridgetop corridor can take place during the work on Bucklin Hill.”

As an aside, since this column may be the first some drivers have heard about the impending road closure, it is to widen Bucklin Hill Road, replace culverts through which Clear Creek passes beneath the road, and extend water mains to the east of the project. It will begin in July.


5 thoughts on “Will hospital construction add to hurt from Bucklin Hill Road closure?

  1. You know how to avoid the congestion that is going to be created with the closing of Bucklin Hill. Drive around Silverdale instead of through it. Unless you absolutely have business on that road or anywhere near it. Besides sometimes it is quicker to hit the 303 and go around.

  2. I’m not as concerned about road changes as I am the addition of all of the construction traffic to what will already be an overcrowded congested area –

  3. Have you seen the disaster that are Silverdale roads before buckling hill project and myre/ridge top projects? We have our miniature version of big Bertha and the mercer mess all rolled into one. My prayers go out to all the places of business and employees..

  4. An article from Kitsap Sun came out yesterday stating that there will, in fact, be road construction on Ridgetop and Sid Uhinck. However, since I don’t have a subscription, I can’t read the full text and get the whole story. Can you find out what’s going on and when? My business (Olympic Northwest Insurance) is on the corner of Sid Uhinck and Ridgetop, so I’ll need to inform my clients of alternate routes to take. Thank you!

  5. The Road Warrior told Kristen of the story in the Kitsap Sun saying Sid Uhinck Drive will be rerouted to connect with Ridgetop Boulevard across from the existing entrance into Harrison Hospital Silverdale, where a traffic signal will be installed, in 2018.

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