7 county road locations to get high friction pavement

The in basket: Tom Baker of the Bremerton city electronics shop spotted a legal ad in one of last week’s Kitsap Suns seeking bids on a Kitsap County project that involved “high friction surface treatments.” Can you explain what high friction surface treatment is, where it will be applied and how are the locations chosen? Are there any locations nearby where it has been used, and what were the results?”

The add said it would be applied in seven locations and is expected to cost between $400,000 and $415,000.

The out basket: Jeff Shea, the county’s traffic engineer said, “A common cause for collisions on roads is running off the road, especially in curves.  When the pavement is wet, or the motorist is going just a little too fast, they can lose traction and slide off the road.

“The Federal Highways Administration has developed a High Friction Surface Treatment that they are testing throughout the country. The test so far have shown significant collision reductions at curves where motorists frequently run off the road.

“Just as the title suggests, the high friction surface treatment consists of a specially engineered, durable high friction aggregate bound to the pavement with a polymer resin binder.  The aggregate is different from a simple chip seal application.  The most commonly used aggregate is a calcined bauxite.  Not only does the aggregate have a high friction factor, another important feature of the bauxite is its resistance to polishing (smoothing).  So the aggregate maintains its high friction characteristic for many years and reduces instances where vehicles run off the road.

“A review of collision histories identified several test locations where run off the road collisions occur. We will be testing the High Friction Surface Treatment at   Hood Canal Drive’s hairpin curve, Hood Canal Drive and Cliffside Road,  Barber Cutoff Road between its Tuckerman Avenue intersections, Baby Doll Road and Collins Road,  North Road above Long Lake Road,  Riddell Road and Perry Avenue and on Central Valley Road at Anna Road.

“Based on the results of these tests this surface may be considered in other areas,” Jeff said.

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