The maze at the end of Phillips Road

The in basket: Nelson Lanchester of South Kitsap wrote, “The wife and I were driving the other day and we were traveling south on Phillips Road at Mullinex. As there was no sign saying ‘Dead End’ or ‘No Outlet,’ we continued south on Phillips Road and we spent the next 30-45 minutes trying to find our way out of the maze.

“Why isn’t there a sign such as ‘Dead End’ or ‘No Outlet’ posted for Phillips Road?” he asked.

The out basket: Because there are two ways out of the maze, which is a pretty fair description of the system of roads in there, and that’s not counting backtracking and leaving via Mullenix.

I looked it up on Kitsap County’s Road Log, which is  a bunch of maps showing the entire county. If I hadn’t, I’d probably have gotten as lost as the Lanchesters were.

You can see the Road Log online at You’ll want pages 7 and 8, which you can look at only one at a time, which involves some going back and forth between the overall map and those two pages.

If you try it, you’ll want to stay on Phillips, which takes some turns and corners, until you get to Harland Lane, then Bear Tree Lane. Stay on Bear Tree to the end, which is Saber Lane, which takes you to Tucci Lane then to Horizon Lane, the main drag that goes back to Mullenix.

Or turn left off of Bear Tree half way to Saber, onto Bowe Lane, then follow Jacobs, Stonehill and Arab lanes to Burley-Olalla Road, which will take you to Highway 16.

I suspected that some of those would be dirt or gravel, but they are all nicely paved and striped. I have a dim recollection of that all being platted as private unimproved roads way back in my reporting days. I don’t know what has happened since, but the homes and the roads are pretty nice in there.

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  1. A lot of people don’t know about those roads. Several years ago when the state highway dep’t put on a public meeting to tell us about the new interchange at Burley-Olalla Road and Highway 16, the state trooper at the meeting didn’t know about them – he thought people would have to detour via Olalla Valley Road.

    I don’t remember exactly when they were paved, but they were still gravel in the mid-1990’s when I started our daughter’s driver training there; the lack of traffic made them ideal for that purpose.

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