Sloppy, dangerous corner-cutting spotted

The in basket: Chris Smith wrote a while back, “I’ve noticed a slew of people making extremely sloppy, corner-cutting, dangerous turns in their cars. One of these clowns about clipped me the other day.  Some of these turners are on their phones to boot.”

The out basket: I must assume Chris means the drivers turned inside the white edge line, the equivalent of driving on the shoulder.

That’s illegal, of course, and a potential danger to bicyclists and pedestrians, but in the real world, it’s a law violated with nearly  as much impunity as the speed limit. And, as with the speed limit, I think the police ignore it when it’s not done flagrantly and excessively, or unless they suspect there is a drunk or worse at the wheel. I often hear of stops made late at night for driving over the edge line.

In some places, like the right turn from the arcing off-ramp on Highway 303 (Waaga Way) to northbound Central Valley Road near Silverdale, I’m not sure right turners ever stay inside the white line.

As with the speed limit,  I myself am a frequent violator of the edge line when a traffic backup or other obstacle means do it or join the traffic backup. I make sure I’m traveling slowly, though, and don’t do it when there’s a bicyclist or pedestrian on the shoulder and  never while talking on my cell phone.

7 thoughts on “Sloppy, dangerous corner-cutting spotted

  1. In some places, like the right turn from the arcing off-ramp on Highway 303 (Waaga Way) to northbound Central Valley Road near Silverdale, I’m not sure right turners ever stay inside the white line.

    Probably 95% of all drivers who are turning northbound will drive over the white line to make the turn, including law enforcement, emergency vehicles and even school buses. I do it as long as its safe. Even been followed by a sheriff on day and he did not think twice about me. But what does actually make people mad at that corner is those drivers who will pull over across the white line to prevent those from passing. Yes its not legal, but there is enough room that there could be a turning lane there. But that corner is not the only one in the county where people try and do make a corner turn. When drivers do make those corner turns safely then it does prevent backups. I mean I have seen cars backed all the way up to Waaga way from the Central Valley exit and to me that is very unsafe when there is stopped traffic on a main road waiting to exit.

    Also I would like to add, that if Law Enforcement stopped every vehicle for every little thing that a driver does, then they would never catch the real violators out there. That is why they dont stop people for little things like cutting a corner, or not using their turn signal or even speeding a little bit. But I do wish they could enforce excessive speeders who cut in and out of traffic, cell phone users and even those idiots out there who drive with their lights off in the middle of the night. Which I did find out from a WSP officer was illegal and he even called those drivers idiots. Its even worse when they drive lights out while its raining, with lights reflecting off the highway from the rain, you never see those cars until you drive up on them. Also I wished law enforcement would try to cut down on the those drivers who either drive slower than everyone else or who pace cars to keep them from passing. Left lane is for passing not cruising. Plus that causes traffic jams and road rage if those out there who do it didnt know.

    Drive Safe

  2. Travis, I’m appalled! You are actually among those really scary drivers who talk on their cell phone while not only driving, but maneuvering?

    Oh, you do it legally? You hold it in front of you, not next to your ear, so it won’t distract you? That’s legal, you know; put it in your line-of-sight and talk. Really safe.

    We have had cell phones in our cars since they had to be installed. One thing we learned right away was, thet even if they are “hands off”, they are a distraction. Many times either I, or my wife has said, “wait- I’m in traffic/turning/it’s busy here…”. This with a totally “hands off” system.

    If I receive a call from home, I may answer it, if I think it safe. If not, we have a code that tells me it’s realy important, and I will find a place to pull over.

    You will never see me with one hand on the wheel, and one with my phone, unless it is while driving on a straight road, with little traffic, and then only briefly.

    Cell phones ARE a major distraction, and those who use them indiscriminately are hazards on the road.

    And, it’s against the law (unless you use them to obstruct your vision and attention).


  3. I’m not sure it will leave Denis any less appalled, but I use a Bluetooth speaker, and my cell phone, while it’s in the car and operating, isn’t in my hand or line of sight. Still a distraction, I agree, but legal.

  4. The people cutting corners that bother the heck out of me, are the ones turning left. Somehow they can not figure out distance and radius and cross the yellow stripe every friggin time.

    1. I agree with you about those drivers out there who cut the corner on a left turn. In turn that actually cause drivers to not pull up to the line completely and in turn causes the light to cycle a few times before they finally figure it out. But you know what is worse than that, is those who will drive right through a red light flying through an intersection either going straight or make it scary if they decide to turn while its green going the other direction. And then lets not forget those who will slow down and creep up to a green light causing a backup waiting for the light to turn green. I have even seen drivers stop on a green before going through the intersection, like they are hoping it turns green.

    2. Yep! Totally agree. If I pull up to the line, not over or on it mind you, I nearly get the front of my car clipped from those turning left.

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