RR tracks keep Provost at Newberry from having flashing left signals.

The in basket: Eric Blair asks, “Do you know what criteria the county have used to decide which intersections will get flashing yellows for the turn lanes?
“Specifically, is there a reason these haven’t been placed at Provost and Newberry Hill? I can understand not putting them on Newberry here, but why can’t they be put on Provost for north/south drivers.

“About once a week I’ll come up in the turn lane on southbound Provost, just after the lights have gone green for straight-through traffic, but remained red for the turn lane. And the way the lights cycle, I have to sit through a whole cycle to get the green turn arrow. A flashing yellow here would be wonderful.”

The out basket: I often get nominations of intersections where yellow flashing left turn signals would eliminate a lot of waiting. Mostly they are on state highways, and the state’s regional traffic office doesn’t like them. Their official stance is that they won’t use them unless there is a significant upgrade at the intersection. But they passed on using them at the recently improved intersection the county upgraded for the state at Ridgetop Boulevard and the southbound Highway 303 off-ramp.

They don’t get much interest in them outside Kitsap County, one technician told me.

The flashing lefts we do see are all at county intersections, installed by the county. Cities here like them, but haven’t found the money for them

Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works didn’t get into the criteria the county uses, but availability of money certainly is one.

At Newberry Hill and Provot roads, there is another reason. “That intersection is too close to the railroad crossing for a left-turn flashing yellow arrow,” Doug said. Too much to watch out for in addition to conflicting vehicles, I guess.

One thought on “RR tracks keep Provost at Newberry from having flashing left signals.

  1. So because the state’s regional traffic office does not like the flashing yellow lights then they cant, and/or wont be used in places where people who drive in an area would like to see them get used. Wow, talk about personal. I think that the new and improved Ridgetop intersection should have gotten the flashing yellows. I have seen that intersection backed up with drivers waiting to turn left both ways. Actually saw a car drive up on the sidewalk to go around the waiting traffic. On a side note I still see cars either stopping to make the right turn or just flat out jumping across the 2 solid white lines to make a left on Sid Uhnick.
    And its a good thing thing that those RR tracks on Newberry don’t get used that much, because as dumb as people are, I actually see drivers parked on those tracks waiting for the light to change. Dont people ever watch youtube and see what happens to vehicles when an unexpected train comes down the tracks and a vehicle is sitting there waiting, their paint job get messed up.

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