What now with Silverdale street pavement?

The in basket: Carl Johnson of Silverdale e-mailed to ask, “Now that the water piping work by Silverdale Water District is almost done, and given the ‘patch’ work that has accompanied this project, is there any chance that Silverdale Way (and side streets) will be re-paved, and allow us a smooth driving surface?

The out basket: I had been wondering the same thing and asked Kitsap County Public Works.

Dale Blackwood, lead right of way inspector for the county, says, “There is no current plan to overlay Silverdale Way. Once the project is complete the patches will be inspected. Those that don’t meet county standards will need to be brought to those standards before final approval of the project is given.

“Overlaying the entire surface will be considered for future work once the project is completed and accepted,” he said.

One thought on “What now with Silverdale street pavement?

  1. Of course. Why they don’t include a repave after such a monstrosity happens to our roadway is beyond me.
    Next, it will be deadly tar patches, and uneven road surfaces for years until they decide to do something. Ugh.

    Thank you, though, for the scoop Travis.

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