Loxie Eagans on-ramp stops worry driver

The in basket: Janice Kelly writes, “Monday through Friday, I take the entrance ramp to the freeway on Loxie Eagans going southbound. I come down Auto Center Way and have to make a quick entrance to the freeway after the light.

“On many days the State Patrol has a car or two pulled over. I am not sure what the violation is but I want to make sure I do not commit it.

The out basket: I told Janice it very well could be drivers stopped for pulling straight across from the Loxie Eagans off-ramp from Highway 3 to the matching on-ramp to return to the freeway. It was a favorite ploy to bypass cars in the freeway backup during rush hour until the state put up signs a few years ago forbidding anything but a left or right turns from that off-ramp .

I asked Trooper Russ Winger if that is a good guess.

The out basket: Russ replied, “I can’t say for sure but during the late afternoon commute that would be a good possibility. We do have officers that enforce that crossing situation there fairly regularly. Plenty of drivers seem willing to roll the dice and do that there.”

Since Janice makes her weekday trip in the afternoon around 5 o’clock, that’s probably it.

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